IS Foam – Integral Skin

What is Integral Skin Foam?

Genuine Integral Skin Foam has a thick durable skin, with a resilient cellular core. This type of foam is manufactured in one step. The skin is formed during the molding process through the use of a compatible blowing agent with a very low boiling point. Talmolders commitment to  the environment has led to the development of a blowing system based on Pentane and another LBA that does not affect Ozone layer. The system allows us to produce quality parts that are soft like Gel, or as hard as a car tire with the added durability of thick skin. Talmolder was the first North American manufacturer to use Pentane as a blowing agent and holds the patent for this process. Talmolder is the first custom molder to use the newly developed LBA. Overall, Talmolders blowing agent composition does not contain any harmful agents and emits much less greenhouse gasses than the majority of other manufacturers. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of our system is below 20 (50 – 200 times less than HFC) and the ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) is zero. As of July 2015, The EPA released its Final Rule prohibiting various HFC foam blowing agents under the SNAP Program. This will affect many manufacturers using Flexible Polyurethane foam for: furniture, bedding, chair cushions, etc. and Integral Skin Polyurethane for: furniture, car steering wheels, dashboards, etc. Talmolders blowing system based on Pentane and another LBA allows us to surpass this compliance standard long before the mandatory compliance date in 2017.

Our manufacturing process allows us to make products with Densities starting from 12 Pounds per Cubic Foot (PCF) and greater while having softness with a range of 23 – 100 Durometer on the “A” scale. Our Integral-Skin Foams can be customized to include colours, U.V. stabilizers and Anti-Bacterial additives as required.

Various substrates or inserts can be molded into the part as a desired feature. This may include Velcro, T-nuts, Pins, Rods, Bushings and washers. These inserts can be totally encased or have portions exposed at the surface. Almost any type of material can be molded into the finished product including metal, wood, plastics and other recycled materials. These molding serve various purpose such as attachments points, mechanical functions or aesthetics.

Integral Skin Foam is used in various industries. In Office Furniture, Integral Skin Foam is used for Arm Pads on Chairs, Desk Drawer Fronts and Keyboard Trays. In the Automotive, Bus, and Recreational Vehicle industry, Integral Skin Foam is used on Steering Wheels, Stick Shift Knobs, Windshield Seals, Bumpers, Finishing Trims, Headrests, and as Protective Padding in accident prone areas. For example, Integral Skin foam can be used as restraint for lap bars or as shoulder harnesses on Amusement Park Rides and Ski Lifts. Integral skin form is used to make anti-fatigue mats and wall protecting panels for barns, horse stalls and trailers. It can also be used in NVH (noise, vibration, heat) areas for the  automotive, construction and heavy equipment industries