About Us

homeTalmolder Engineered Products regularly engineers specialty foam products. If you need a solution for an application in the area of Construction, Store Fixtures, Advertising, Bedding and Seating, Medical, Acoustical or Sports, Talmolder has a specially formulated foam product to meet your needs.

Our technical and R&D personnel, working closely with you would help to engineer the best solutions for your new application. We can improve your existing application or help cultivate a brand new concept, including the development of proprietary products.

who we are

Talmolder was established in 1980. Talmolder began as a supplier of molded foams for the office furniture industry. Quickly we specialized in this area as our superior customer service allowed us to work closely with our customers and their unique needs. We focused on how to design our products in ways that would greatly benefit their processes to create superior products.

Over the years, Talmolder has had many innovative ideas. This has allowed us to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. By working closely with our customer’s Designers and Engineers, we play an active role from the first input all the way through to the development stage. This allows us to efficiently create processes and identify cost reduction opportunities to pass along to our customers.

Our highly trained staff and committed workforce have seen many years of consistent growth and positive changes. Many of our staff have stayed with us for more than 20 years. Our team consists of many highly skilled individuals including a team of Engineers who specialize in engineering areas such as Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical. Our highly trained staff are all well educated in the latest computer software programs to help best service your needs.

Talmolder has lots of experience with specialty foam. If you are searching for an application in the; construction store fixture, advertising, bedding and seating, medical, acoustical or sports industry than Talmolder can formulate a foam product to meet your needs.

Talmolder boasts its customer service having our technical and R&D personnel work closely with you to engineer the best solutions for your new application. We can help improve your existing application or help cultivate a brand new concept, including the development of prototypes.

Our skilled team enables us to consistently develop and put into practice new concepts and materials, which enhance our products and benefit our customers.

Talmolder has the flexibility of operating 24/7 to meet our customer’s tight schedules. Our quality standards are designed and implemented to meet ISO standards.

Talmolder has developed and patented automated processes to manufacturing HR foams.


our mission

At Talmolder, our mission is to deliver superior quality service that is on-time, competitively priced and environmentally friendly. We strive for our custom molded polyurethane products to always surpass your expectations.

our purpose

At Talmolder our purpose is to help our customers enhance the value of their products. Rest assured that our employees are highly knowledgeable as well as trained with the latest technological capabilities designed to satisfy your needs. Our purpose is to offer innovative and integrated solutions to our customer’s specific challenges. At Talmolder we are the best! We are industry specialists when it comes to Flexible, ViscoElastic, Rigid, Integral and RIM Polyurethanes. Talmolder s advanced capabilities in both mould spray Elastomer coatings and upholstering technologies.

our commitment

At Talmolder we are committed to enhancing our capabilities, knowledge and service offerings. Through investing in our people and our machines, we seek to provide economical and socially responsible alternatives made in Canada.