Corporate Social Responsibility

Talmolder has always operated with the intention to be as socially responsible as possible. Before government agencies created certain environmental restrictions, Talmolder had already created policies to phase out harmful material use. In 1993, our processing methods with Pentane were patented, and we began full-scale manufacturing with Pentane as a blowing agent. Talmolder was the first firm in North America to successfully do so, and was first to use a newly developed LBA in our blowing system to reduce the environmental impact.

The EPAs Final Rule prohibiting various HFC foam blowing agents under the SNAP Program will affect many manufacturers using Flexible Polyurethane foam for: furniture, bedding, chair cushions, etc. and Integral Skin Polyurethane for: furniture, car steering wheels, dashboards, etc.

Talmolders Pentane process will allow us to surpass this compliance standard without altering our manufacturing process. The majority of manufacturers use an HFC-based system and have from January 1, 2017 to January 1, 2020 to eliminate its use, depending upon the industry and application. However, Talmolder blowing agent composition does not use any of these harmful agents and emits much less greenhouse gasses than our competitors. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) for our systems are below 20 (50 – 200 times less than HFC) and the ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) for our blowing agent is zero.

Talmolder Inc., is proud of our commitment to environmental stewardship and socially responsible behavior. For over twenty years and millions of components sold around the world, Talmolder has surpassed regulatory compliance and international compliance such as the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols.  We are very proud to continually be ahead of the curve phasing out harmful chemicals such as Methylene Chloride long before the requirements of Montreal Protocol and other international agreements.

Talmolder is in compliance with international rules and regulations related to use of child labor, violence at the work, discrimination and many more. Talmolder does not use any conflicting  minerals in their production process and is proudly complies with the The California Environmental Protection Agency office and Environmental Health Hazard Assessment for safe drinking water and toxic enforcement act of 1986.

Toxic Summery Reduction Plan (TSRP):

TSRP Acetone

TSRP Pentane


TSRP Solvent Naphta Light Aliphatic and Stoddard Solvent

TSRP Toluene

NPRI 2019 Full Report