HR Foam – High Resilience

Our Molded Flexible Foams or “High Resiliency Foam” (HR) is typically used as cushions for the seat and back. Applications of HR include Office Furniture, Airport Seating, Automotive, Train, and Bus seating. Recreational Vehicles (Snowmobiles, Jet Ski’s or ATV’s) also benefit from Molded Flexible foams. In these products, inserts or molded frames benefit the production process by simplifying assembly of the finished good.

Repeatability with shapes and consistency of Molded HR Foams are far superior to other methods of cutting and gluing. Our Molded HR Foams are engineered to maximize comfort while withstanding many hours of continuous use without losing any noticeable load bearing capabilities, or original shape and dimensions.

Densities range from 2.9 Pounds per Cubic Foot (PCF) to 12 PCF and can be made softer or harder per customer request. Mold coating processes can be used to produce different colors and protect the product from discoloration or antimicrobial additives.